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How to edit your page:

1. Print these directions so you can have them when you go to your page. Or right-click on your page name, and choose "Open link in new tab" so these directions remain open and you can switch back and forth between your page and these directions.

2. When you are on your page, click the Edit button. This will put you in the edit mode, and the edit bar will appear above the page. You can then do the following:
  • Add a comment: Put the cursor where you want to write the comment, type it, then click the Save button on the edit bar.
  • Add a link to a web page: Put the cursor where you want the link, type the name of the link, highlight the link like you would highlight any text in a word processing program, then click the Link button on the edit bar. This will open up a little window where you can paste or type the URL (web address) for the web page you want to link. Make sure to click the "new window" check box.
  • Insert a file: There are two ways to do this. If you click the File button on the edit bar, you can insert a document or picture. Click the "Upload file" button to upload the file from your computer. Once the file has uploaded, click on the file name to insert it. You can then resize it and place it left, center or right on the page, as needed. Here's an example:

  • Inserting a file in this way places a button on your page that will download the file. You can also insert a file by uploading it to the wiki and then linking to it on your page. You get a typical link on your page, rather than a button.
Button looks like this: Here's the same file as a link: Approaches To Drop Out Prevention.pdf